Carrot Rewards Climate Change & You
Your Planet
October 12, 2018

Climate Change and You

Climate change may be the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. As the earth’s atmospheric temperature rises, the planet has experienced major shifts that affect nations, including Canada, on a…
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Carrot Rewards Building a mental health toolbox
Your Mind
October 9, 2018

Building a Mental Health Toolbox

More than two-thirds of adults living with a mental health problem say that symptoms first appeared in their youth. Healthy emotional development in children really lays the foundation for mental…
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Carrot Rewards How Cyber-Safe Are You?
Your Future
October 1, 2018

How Cyber-Safe Are You?

If you’re like most Canadians, there’s a good chance you have a cell phone. And a laptop. And probably at least two or three other devices connected to your home’s…
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Carrot Rewards Steps 101
Your BodyYour Community
October 1, 2018

Steps 101

We want to reward you every step of the way, and we really mean every step. With Carrot, you can earn every day for successfully hitting your personalized step goal.…
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Carrot Rewards How To Carrot
Your Community
September 28, 2018

How to Carrot

We’re excited you chose to join the Carrot community — welcome! We know you’re looking forward to collecting rewards with us, and we’re here to set you up for success…
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Carrot Rewards Eating & Exercise
Your Body
September 26, 2018

Eating & Exercise – How Your Meals Can Boost Your Workouts

Earlier this week, we talked about getting active and finding the exercise that motivates you. Whether you take a spin class, go for a walk, or play in a hockey…
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Carrot Rewards Healthy & Happy Through Exercise
Your Body
September 23, 2018

Healthy And Happy Through Exercise

If physical activity were easy, everyone would do it. And let’s face facts: Physical activity sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s too hard… it hurts my joints… I would start,…
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Carrot Rewards Credit Score 101
Your Money
September 19, 2018

Credit Score 101

Earlier this week we talked about credit card swipage – a convenience for all of us, yes, but we learned how it can quickly turn ugly. Since we use credit…
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Carrot Rewards: Credit Card Swipage
Your Money
September 16, 2018

Credit Card Use: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How often do you swipe your credit card? I swipe mine every day, often multiple times a day. It’s only natural. Just this morning, I found myself swiping to buy…
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Carrot Rewards Three Stress Busters…That Really Work!
Your Mind
September 12, 2018

Three Stress Busters…That Really Work!

Earlier this week, I blogged about three common stress reduction techniques – clearing your mind, clearing your space, and harnessing the power of laughter – that have been proven to…
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