Get Stepping

Earn points when you hit your daily step goal and complete step challenges
carrot rewards new step goal updated every week based on recent activity level

Ready, Set, Go!

Every Sunday, based on your recent activity, your daily step goal will be updated. That means you’re always working towards an achievable step goal, with a winning chance of hitting a Streak.

More Goals, More Points

Steady stepping is the key to success. Every consecutive day that you hit your step goal increases the number of points you can earn (up to a maximum).

carrot rewards steps streaks more goals more points
Carrot Rewards Hit Your Stride

Hit Your Stride

If you crush a 5-day Streak, you’ll earn the maximum number of points until you break your Streak!

Not to worry. If you don’t quite hit your daily goal, you start over at base points and have an opportunity to try again.

Earn more points with a little help from your friends

Partner Up

Connect with your friends on the Friends page of your Carrot app by entering their User Code. Fill your leaderboard to see how much your friends are walking. 

Challenge one friend to Step Together. 

Connect With Your Friends
carrot rewards invite your friends and connect with them on the carrot app leaderboard challenge
carrot rewards complete a step together challenge with a friend and earn points together

Step Together

You’re in this together: between the two of you, achieve 10 daily goals in 7 days to win the challenge!

So get stepping! Friends helping friends (get more points). It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

Challenge Your Friends