Walk & Earn

Earn your favourite points every day when you hit your daily step goal.

Track Your Steps to Earn

Track your steps on Carrot and receive a personalized step goal after 7 days. Simply connect your smartphone or your Fitbit device and earn rewards every day when you hit your step goal.
iOS Devices
Android Devices
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Daily Step Goal

We want to set you up for success. Every Sunday, based on your recent activity, your daily step goal will be updated. That means you’re always working towards an achievable goal, with a winning chance of hitting a Streak. We’re here to motivate you, challenge you and cheer you on every step of the way.

Every consecutive day that you hit your step goal, the number of points you can earn increases (up to a maximum).

Hit Your Stride

Steady stepping is the key to success. If you crush a 5-day Streak, you’ll earn the maximum number of points until you break your Streak!

Sometimes you might not hit your daily goal, it happens to the best of us! You’ll just start over at base points and have an opportunity to try again.